Information for Election Candidates


  • To be eligible for nomination, an individual  must be a regular or life member in good standing continuously for one year prior to nomination day (i.e. since September 21, 2016).
  • Nominees for President, Vice President, or Secretary-Treasurer may not serve in the position of Personnel Manager or Contractor of musicians in the Localís jurisdiction.
  • No member may accept nomination for more than one position.
  • Nominating petitions must be received by the Election Committee by September 21, 2017.


  • Candidates may submit up to 100 words for inclusion in the newsletter. Please contact the Secretary-Treasurer to make arrangements.
  • Upon request, the Local can provide you with mailing labels (at the Localís cost of $.25/page) of voters; please make your requests to the Secretary-Treasurer. If feasible, the Local will honor any reasonable requests for targeted mailing lists.
  • Union or Employer funds may not be used to support your candidacy; this includes use of facilities, equipment, or supplies and the use of union or employer letterhead. Campaigning may not be done on time paid for by the union or an employer or on property owned by the union or an employer.


  • You may inspect the list of voters once within 30 days before election day; please contact the Secretary-Treasurer to make arrangements.
  • You are entitled to have observers present when the ballot envelopes are prepared, labeled, and mailed; when ballots are transported to and from the Post Office Box; and when ballots are counted. Observers are entitled to observe but may not count or handle the ballots themselves. Please contact the Election Committee Chair for dates, times, and locations.
  • Candidates will be listed on the ballots in alphabetical order; if you wish to be listed with other than your legal name (i.e. stage name or nickname) please contact the Election Committee Chair.


  • Please address any questions you may have to the Election Committee Chair
  • Please report promptly any violations of election procedures to the Election Committee Chair

Election Committee Chair:

Scott Whitney

Phone: 954-989-5105



Jeffrey Apana

Phone: 954-527-4458

Home Phone: 954-336-6426