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02/01/18 Official Business

Are you concerned about Performance Rights, Carry-On Instruments, Visas/Immigration, Arts in Education/NEA Funding, Net Neutrality, White Spaces, or African Ivory? If so, the AFM Legislative Department, headed by AFM Legislative-Political Director Alfonso Pollard, has your back, and you should support its efforts by becoming a member of the TEMPO SIGNATURE PROGRAM.

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02/01/18 Last Month at the Local

Our new Executive Board was sworn in and had its first meeting on January 3. We welcome new Directors Richard Bravo, Matt Corey, and Bob Folse, as well as the promotion of Director Charles Reskin to President and Director Iris van Eck to VP.

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02/01/18 Membership Benefits


"Through their unions, they have a voice in their workplace, in their future...They deserve the right to have their voices heard when they speak out for job security and safe workplaces. Unions fight for better wages and benefits, not just for their members, but for everyone. They advocate for quality jobs that build a strong middle class". (Sec. Hilda Solis, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor).

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02/01/18 That Union Thing

A study by Actors Equity shows that some actors taxes will increase significantly under the new tax law.

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